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SIP Participation at it360° Show & Career Fair

SIP Participation at it360° Show May 2007 Photos: SIPblOG [Olga Goubar]SIP Participation at it360° Show May 2007
Photos: SIPblOG [Olga Goubar]

SIP Participation at it360° Show & HiTech Career Fair

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto on May 1 and 2, 2007

SIP Booth at the GTA HiTech Career Fair presented by CareerDoor & itWorldCanada.com
We participated in both of the above shows. At the Career Fair we had a booth, and Max Haroon gave a talk.

Bob Young and Hiroo Thadaney at the SIP boothBob Young and Hiroo Thadaney at the SIP booth

We focused on the newly launched SIP Job Board, encouraged all job seekers to post their resumes and employers to take advantage of free posting until July 1, 2007. We displayed books which will be raffled every month from resumes posted on our job board.
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Seven Steps Strategy of Success
Max Haroon Delivering a Talk at the Career Fair

Max Haroon outlined a number of strategies and tips based on his life time experience of working for a number of companies and as an employer. Books donated by Pearson were raffled to the attendees.
Download the article based on his presentation>>>

it360° Conference and EXPO

Keynote Wikinomics: Harnessing the Power of Mass Collaboration by Don Tapscott, Chif Executive, New Paradigm

Keynote speech that inaugurated the IT360 Trade Show in Toronto (May 1, 2007) by Don TapscottKeynote Speech by Don Tapscott

In a keynote speech that inaugurated the it360° Show in Toronto (May 1, 2007), Don Tapscott, the Canadian author of the current bestseller " Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything", spoke about "Wikinomics: Harnessing the Power of Mass Collaboration".
Read notes compiled by Maryam Khan>>>

Keynote Global Disruptive Innovations and their Impact on Canada by Vito Marbrucco, Managing Director, IDC Canada

Why do so many great companies and successful economies eventually fail? What are the global and local conditions that drive the increased level of competition for organizations, countries and regions around the world? How does the long tail of global markets present massive opportunities for Canadian organizations? As barriers of technology, capital, education, information, and trade continue to fall we see the rise of a new world of companies, industries and countries that are disruptive innovators.
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Discussion Forum Canada in the Global Economy conducted by John Reid, President and CEO of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance)
Discussion Forum: Standing L - R: John Reid (CATAAllinace), Joaquim P. Menezes (IT World Canada) and Max Haroon (SIP)Discussion Forum

Competitive advantage will be maximized by the Canadian public and private sectors supplying people skilled in the development, application, use and maintenance of advanced technologies throughout all sectors of the national economy. In the Flat World, we must ensure that Canada 's resources are being used to their maximum potential and see that businesses and governments are continuously creating and adopting advanced skills, new technologies and efficient organizational approaches.
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SIP Wiki Committee
The Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) is interested to establish a committee to explore collaboration and social networking tools. We are reaching out to such experts to be part of this committee.
If you are interested or if you know of someone who could be part of this committee then please contact Max Haroon rsvp@sipgroup.org

Max Haroon, President
Society of Internet Professionals (SIP)
web: http://sipgroup.org/
e-mail: founder@sipgroup.org
tel: 416-891-4937

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