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Word11: Learn about Blogging and Network at Sustainable Blogging Festival August 27

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Toronto's Blogging Festival
24 hours of Industry Experience
3 Streams. 13+ Speakers. Register
Saturday, August 27, 2011, Full Day
Credit: word11

Meetup - the business of blogging - WORD11

WORD11 - world's first 24-HOUR blogging festival

When: Saturday, August 27, 2011
9:30 AM

Where: The Centre for Social Innovation - Annex
720 Bathurst St. Toronto, ON M3B 0A3

A message from tm mahdi, organizer of MEDIA PROFESSIONALS OF TORONTO and committee member of WORD11:
So on Saturday, August 27th for a period of 24 hours we have decided to put something not only interesting but exciting. Not only educational but socially connected. We have invited over 13 guest bloggers from across North America to engage us with their experiences and expertise. And we chose to make this event in one of the most historical and recognized sites in Canada by writers, prolific activists and independent film makers - THE ANNEX.

One FULL block of engaging experiences, 2 floors of educational programming and over $3000 in giveaways proudly brought to us by some amazing industry supporters and lead interests. Best of all, there is ample of free street parking, bargain priced parking lots and minutes walk from the Bathurst & Bloor subway station. And for those of you having trouble to reach out to us - like maybe your car broke down or your twisted your leg - give our Green Shuttle a call...courtesy of Green Choice Moto. We will gladly pick you up and scoot you to the event.

This is who we have:
Rob Campbell
Promod Sharma
Trevor Mills (Barrie)
Karim Kanji
Mukul Verma (Cambridge)
Brent Kobayashi
Erin Marchak (Calgary)
Rob Cairns
Dan Imbrogno
Fernando Fonesca (San Francisco)
AJ Morris (Michigan)

with more to come.

There is a cost to this event as much as there is a cost to make this event possible. Thanks to the fine folks who put dollars in we wouldn't have this made event so affordable to register and be engaged. $25 online, $40 at the door, but if you use this code "CG6INC" - you will be able to register at 30% off. Do hurry doors will close on August 20th and seats are limited. Otherwise you will be paying $40 at the door.

Learn more... visit WORD11 official website and look at all people who made it possible...

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#Volunteer meeting on Saturday Aug 13, 8:30am at Better & Better Bakery & Cafe, welcome to join us! #WORD11
11 Aug via Facebook Swapsity and Word11 Partner for Sustainable Blogging Festival

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Swapsity and Word11 Partner for Sustainable Blogging Festival The world’s first 24-hour blogging festival is turning to the community and tapping into the power of swapping to create an urban campground for Toronto bloggers Toronto, Ontario, August 27, 2011
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