Tuesday, December 20, 2005

SIP Can Be Involved: MIT Media Lab's Initiative One Laptop per Child (OLPC)

This MIT Media Lab's Laptop Is Not for Sale but for Progress

If we are talking about the Internet and its influence on our every-day life we can not forget one of the pioneers of the human-computer interface's development Nicholas Negroponte.
At the early stage of the Internet-era in 1995 he published his futuristic hit "Being Digital" , and now we celebrate with him the end of this analog decade demonstrating his new endeavor "One Laptop per Child" and the first prototype of this "digital being".

This is, I think, the only working $100 laptop prototype in existance.
Witness the handcrank.
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By dweekly

Just a rhetorical question: how the Society of Internet Professionals can participate in this outstanding social enterprise?


One Laptop per Child
Vol. 5 Num 526
November 19, 2005
The Daily Star: Committed to PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO KNOW

"One Laptop per Child" Vision Almost a Reality
Posted by Lucy Layman at July 02, 2005
The Laptops Weblog: Laptopical - Informative laptop news, portable computer reviews, and opinions about laptops

One laptop per child for the developing world
Posted by Cory Doctorow at November 17, 2005
Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things

Third World doesn't need the Internet
It's wrong to push the internet into Africa and elsewhere. The people (by that I mean citizens) need Western knowledge ...
Do you agree the internet is not the best way to educate, to democratize or to lift from poverty the mass of people in the developing countries?
... more »
Posted by Sarunas at October 23, 2005
sarunas :: Knowledge technologies for the Third World


Video of Negroponte's talk re the $100 laptop

As doubts about the feasability of Nicholas Negroponte's $100 laptop are being raised, he gives a speech (video) at MIT. from Slashdot.
By Mister Snitch in Mister Snitch!
Saturday, December 31, 2005


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Calendar of SIP's Symposiums 2006

Mark Your Calendar:
With SIP's Upcoming Events for 2006

[V] Volunteers Meeting
[V] Protection from Identity Theft
[V] Internet Security
[V] e-Marketing
[V] SIP's session at the LinuxWorld Show
[V] e-Commerce
[V] SIP's session at the WowGao Mobile Show
[V] e-Publishing
[V] SIP's session at the Infosecurity Canada Show

Please, check SIP's Calendar of Events 2006

In general, symposiums are planned for 2nd Tuesday of every month except July and August.
Executive Committee meetings are held on 1st Tuesday of every month.


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Energized by Bright Pearl

Front Row: Olga Goubar, Anna Rabin, Max Haroon, A.J. Parl, Martina Ernst
Back Row: Jonathan Kean, Bob Skakie, Duke Duyck and Frank Edwards

Energizing by New Ideas

Members and friends of the Society of Internet Professionals had a lovely dinner and a good time at Bright Pearl Seafood Restaurant on December 5.

Our thanks to Laura Tyson for organizing this wonderful event.

It was nice to see some new, some old and some faded faces.

See the photos at: http://www.sipgroup.org/Photogrid/05dec8dinner/

Do not forget to look at photos of the grand event we had on November 21


Credits: Max Haroon

Let Us Network is a network of contacts
which may open necessary doors for you.

And it is just to help you with finding friends
- people from all over the world
who share your interests and your goals.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

SIP Can Win > Training for [CAN>WIN 2005]

IT Art Training
Can Win IT Training

As you know the SIP's mission is to enhance educational and professional standards for the Internet professionals. This latest news can help IT professionals to participate in future MS training.

Media Advisory: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to join prominent Canadian and international experts in Ottawa for CAN>WIN 05 summit on innovation and economic prosperity
(December 1, 2005)

Welcome to CAN>WIN 2005!
Be a virtual guest of Microsoft and The Conference Board of Canada at CAN>WIN 2005 Summit

CAN>WIN 2005 Conference Overview
The Conference Board of Canada

Latest NEWS:

Ballsy take on technology
Ottawa Sun, Canada - 11 hours ago
... co-presented by the Ottawa Centre for ... Information Technology Association of Canada, Ballmer reminded the ... more positive transformations between 2005 and 2015 ...

Microsoft's Ballmer jumps on productivity bandwagon

Toronto Star, Canada - 12 hours ago
... Meanwhile, to help improve education and life-long learning, Ballmer announced that Microsoft Canada will offer $4.5 million over the next three years to ...

Microsoft to spend $4.5M to fund educational tech training ...
Ottawa Sun, Canada - 21 hours ago
The Canada's Partners in Learning and Unlimited Potential programs fund grants ... workforce and driving economic prosperity," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in ...

Advanced education crucial to improved innovation in economy ...

Winnipeg Sun, Canada - 21 hours ago
... Meanwhile, to help improve education and lifelong learning, Ballmer announced that Microsoft Canada will offer $4.5 million over the next three years to ...

Microsoft CEO touts technology
Ottawa Business Journal, Canada - 6 Dec 2005
... That was the message Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer tried to convey Tuesday ... and Innovation (OCRI) and the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC). ...


Microsoft to invest US$1.7B, add 3,000 jobs in India over four years

NEW DELHI (AP) - Microsoft Corp. plans to invest $1.7 billion US in India and add 3,000 jobs in the country over the next four years...

Quick Link:

Get FREE online training for MS OFFICE 2003
Microsoft Office Training Home Page

Friday, December 02, 2005

SIP Welcomes Volunteers

Are you ready to take part in the International Volunteer Day?

SIP Volunteers' Meeting

When: Monday, December 5, 2005
Time: 4:30 pm to 6 pm

Location: Room 305, Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Toronto
Google Maps: Direction
Using TTC: St. Andrews subway station.

Join our volunteers’ meeting of education and networking:

[v] Outcomes of year 2005 - it was such a busy year

[v] Marketing & strategies for future SIP’s events

[v] Planning for year 2006

These meetings are great for building your profile, network with others, and support SIP mandate.

Not a member of SIP? Check out the benefits of joining SIP at:

New members will be provided with a gold plated SIP lapel PIN at this event.

Please email events@sipgroup.org call 416-891-4937

SIP Welcomes Volunteers. Volunteers Promise to Make a Difference.
This post is my humble contribution into the IVD.

5 December - International Volunteer Day
Celebrate IVD – Become a SIP Volunteer

The International Volunteer Day (IVD) campaign website!

Volunteer Canada's site for information on volunteering

About December 5th: IVD and Volunteer Canada
"International Volunteer Day takes place on December 5th each year and is officially recognized by the United Nations as a day on which volunteers around the world are recognized and celebrated for their contributions and dedication.
Volunteer Canada’s goal for the 2005 International Volunteer Day campaign is to collect story leads about inspiring and exceptional volunteers from every part of Canada. Our intention is for this website to become a “hub” for media looking for exciting and unique human interest stories relevant to their geographical area..."

Plan your own IVD event
Here are ideas, examples and tools for planning your own event or activity for the International Volunteer Day. The resources – available in English, French and Spanish – cover a wide range of issues...

Get Involved

Planning Your International Volunteer Day Campaign

Story Template


World Volunteer Web: IVD2005 Blog