Friday, July 23, 2010

Join Digital Revolution: Create Search Engine Friendly Website

Poster: Join the Digital Revolution
An Affordable Package to create a Search Engine Friendly Mini-Website
This is a promotional value package to evangelise SIP’s motto “Everyone should join the Digital Revolution”.
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Join the Digital Revolution
An Affordable Package to create a Search Engine Friendly Mini-Website

Having your own personal website reflects that you are both professional and serious about your profession or your services. If you have your own domain name then you can start using your own email address based on that domain name e.g. Using an email address under your domain provides you with a permanent email address independent of Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you are using an email address assigned by your ISP, such as or then think what will happen when you terminate the service! But you don’t have to worry about canceling or changing your ISP service if you are using the email address based on your own domain.

In our digital world, if you are self- employed, an entrepreneur or an industry professional without a website, then you are missing out a key to your successful branding using the Internet as a media.

Why many people do not have their own website?
The Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) recently conducted a sample poll asking why many people do not have their own website. Top reasons were:
1. They couldn’t afford it because they felt it was too expensive.
2. They do not have the technical skills/knowledge.
3. They do not want to project a non-professional image.
4. They do not understand how to make search engines friendly website.

SIP Offers
We have addressed these issues by putting together an inexpensive package for our members (free membership is provided, if you are not a member), which will meet initial requirements of most of the entrepreneurs.

This proposal outlines the details of what is provided and what you should know, cost and how to go about signing up for this offer.

What is Provided in this Package?
1. Registration of a domain name of your choice.
2. A professional three-page website: Home page, Profile page, Contact page
3. One primary email address under your own domain address.
4. Basic Usability & Assessment of your website including copy editing.
5. Assistance in drafting of website's title, description and keywords. These will make your website search engine and user friendly.
6. Hosting of the Website and email services.
7. Annual Updates.

Website Hosting Technical Details:
• 300 MB Disk Space
• 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
• You website will be PHP and MySQL enabled.
• Detailed Website Statisticswith AWStats
• Free Nightly Website & Email Backups
• E-mail Services: Web Mail + Email Forwarding + Auto Reply + Auto Virus Protection

Annual fee of $350
* $350 comprises of $50 hosting, $150 for website design and development and $150 for professional assessment.
The Associate membership is free.
You can apply for optional Professional Membership at a reduced admin fee of $150 (regular admin fee for Professional membership is $200).

Next Step
Visit our web site to make payment via PayPal at:

After receiving the payment we will provide you:
• List of requirements
• How to prepare for the content to create the website.
• How to select the domain name and email address under the domain name.
• Guidelines for creating title, description and key words for your website.

Please review the detailed Proposal to Create a Search Engine Friendly Mini-Website

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact:
Max Haroon, or phone 416-891-4937.