Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SIP is Sponsoring Toronto Wiki Tuesdays

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WIKI Tuesday is a monthly gathering about wiki technologies, deployments and adoption. SIP is a proud sponsor of this group that combines education in the cozy ambiance of a pub.

Vanessa Peters, Ph.D. candidate at OISE. She will speak about the application of wikis in education.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Ground Hog Pub, 401 Bloor Street East, Toronto (416.975.1867)

There is no fee to attend (Go Dutch in an English Pub)

Registration & Details =>

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Event Description

Speaker: Vanessa Peters
This month's speaker will be Vanessa Peters, Ph.D. candidate at OISE, talking about the application of wikis in Education.

In this meeting I will discuss a new wiki-based scripted activity that was created for secondary school biology students. Using a co-design method, the researchers collaborated with two experienced science teachers to create a curriculum unit where 114 grade-ten biology students developed a knowledge base of ideas about human physiology, then drew upon those ideas as resources for subsequent curricular activities. Results demonstrate that this innovative lesson fostered collaborative knowledge construction as well as individual student learning. This suggests that a carefully designed wiki-based activity can complement and enhance the value of a collective knowledge building community within secondary school settings.

Note new Location! The Ground Hog Pub
When and Where:
6:30pm, Tuesday 13th May at 401 BLOOR STREET EAST, TORONTO, ON in the downstairs room: http://www.groundhogpub.com/

Please sign up at http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/468369/

Event Sponsor: The Society of Internet Professionals

Who should come and why:
Interested in the topic? Got an opinion? Or just interested to network? Come join our community.
  • Managers and leaders responsible for evaluating the use of wikis
  • Change transformation agents using wikis to instigate organizational transparency using a wiki
  • Consultants and designers who build integration, navigation, visuals and plugins
  • Wiki users Wiki gardeners who improve content clarity
About Toronto Wiki Tuesdays and Blended Perspectives:
Toronto Wiki Tuesdays has been running since 2005 and has a mandate to spread the word about how a wiki can transform communication in organizations and the nature of business. Toronto Wiki Tuesdays was founded and is run by Martin Cleaver M.Sc. MBA, Head Blender of Blended Perspectives and a Chair of WikiSym, the International Symposium on the use of Wikis.

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