Monday, January 30, 2006

How About the Usability Week for the SIP Group in Toronto?

The Nielsen Norman Group made an announcement about Usability In Practice:
Three-Day Intensive Camp: Usability Week 2006 Conference

Usability Week 2006 Conference

New York, March 26-31
London, May 21-26
San Francisco, June 19-24
Sydney, July 16-21

In-depth training:

3-day Intensive Camp: Usability in Practice
3-day Immersion: Tog on Interaction Design

New research on
B2B websites

Full-day tutorials on Web usability guidelines, intranet usability, corporate websites, email newsletters, wish lists, and writing for the Web.
How about the Usability Week for the SIP Group in Toronto?


Nielsen Norman Group: usability consulting, training & user research reports Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design

Don Norman's / user advocacy and human-centered design

AskTog Home Page: Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini

Friday, January 20, 2006

Pursuit Of Employment: ProjectWorld Toronto May 8-12: Early Bird Registration

Event: ProjectWorld - BusinessAnalystWorld - Toronto 2006
When: May 8-12, 2006
Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Register OnLine NOW and SAVE$

GROUPS OF 5 OR MORE - call Diverisified Business Communications Canada at 888-443-6786 or 905-948-0470 ext 228 and SAVE even more!

It is a great opportunity for SIPers and new Society of Internet Professionals' members!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Toronto + Delicious = Winterlicious

It's a rare opportunity to go to the finest restaurants on Toronto.
At the Winterlicious site check prix fixe menus at 126 of Toronto's top restaurants, take advantage of the incredible value & make your choice.

At the Volunteers' Meeting we decided to make a reservation at the Oliver & Bonacini café•grill.

Winterlicious SIP Lunch at the Oliver & Bonacini café•grill

When: Friday, January 27, 2006
Where: the Oliver & Bonacini café•grill
Location: Bayview Village Shopping Centre 2901 Bayview Avenue
Google Map search: 2901 Bayview Avenue, Toronto
Located at the corner of Bayview and Sheppard in Toronto, Bayview Village Shopping Centre sets the standard for an exceptional shopping experience at an impeccable taste level.
Phone: 416-590-1300
Price: $15 per person, plus taxes and gratuity

President's Message:

Few friends of SIP (we call them SIPers) are going for a lunch at a posh restaurant, Oliver & Bonacini, for lunch on Friday, January 27, (meeting at 11:30 am, to arrive early as they are not taking reservations).
Some elite restaurants of Toronto are taking part in winter festival called Winterlicious, and have reduced their tariff to $15 (plus tax, gratuity and drinks) for a three course lunch.
Bayview Village Shopping Centre
2901 Bayview Avenue
(Bayview & Sheppard)
Accessible by Bayview subway station (Sheppard line).
T. 416.590.1300
Please (phone 416-891-4937) if you want to join us.
We want to limit SIPers to ten.
See you at 11:30 am.
While waiting to go in at 12 noon, we will conduct "special stand-up meeting" and continue it at a Second Cup Coffee shop after the lunch.

foof network: MICHAEL BONACINI: Recipe Collection Show Descriptions

A taste for success, with a side order of risk
Oliver and Bonacini stomach inhospitabilities of the hospitality industry
William Hanley, Financial Post
Published: Saturday, October 29, 2005

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Significance of Links for Your Website Ranking

Links Better Google's PageRank

Part 1

If you have just visited a new web site, then the chances are, you clicked on a link directing you to this newly discovered website. A website without anyone linking to it is like a business without any coordinates – no one knows about you.

Links not only direct a person to a website but they also direct a spider (a search engine’s information gathering program) to the website.

Links help your site to get noticed and indexed by search engines. The number of linkages to your website demonstrates the popularity of your website to search engines. The more the better.

There are three ways that people can find your website:

1. The Internet surfer types the entire URL (website address) into the command line of their browser. This option requires that your URL is pre-selected or known.

2. The Internet surfer clicks on an advertisement or sponsored links that sends him to your website. This is a huge form of paid internet advertising.

3. The Internet surfer locates you by typing certain keywords (let us call it a key-phrase) or your company name into a search engine. Eighty five percent of all traffic to websites is directed by search engines.

Therefore it is very important that your website is listed in the results provided by search engines, when you type a key-phrase in your favourite search engine.

Not all websites are listed in the results, and the top page is restricted to only ten websites. If your website is not listed on the top page of a search engine, then the probability of people clicking on your website is next to zero.

This series of articles will focus on methods of ranking your web site high with search engines, starting with Linkages.>>>

There's more. Read the whole article.

Happy linking!

Max Haroon
Search Engine Marketing Specialist

© Max Haroon 2006

Support the SIP's blog: Nominate it for the Weblog Awards™

Sixth Annual Weblog Awards: The 2006 Bloggies

The 2006 Bloggies are now in progress! Visit the site to vote for your favorites.

Millions of blogs.
Thousands of nominees.
151 finalists.
Thirty winners

At the start of each year, Nikolai Nolan runs the Weblog Awards™, where the public votes on the best weblogs in thirty categories.

From now until 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) on Tuesday, January 10, 2005, anyone can nominate their favorite weblogs.

The Bloggies are open for their 6th year of awards for the Best Blogs, and you, our readers and fans, determine who the winners will be by nominating your favorite blogs.

1. Best Web Application for Weblogs
2. Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog
3. Best Asian Weblog
4. Best African or Middle Eastern Weblog
5. Best European Weblog
6. Best British or Irish Weblog
7. Best Latin American Weblog
8. Best Canadian Weblog
9. Best American Weblog
10.Best Tagline of a Weblog
11.Best Podcast of a Weblog
12.Best Photography of a Weblog
13.Best Craft Weblog
14. Best Food Weblog
15.Best Entertainment Weblog
16.Best Weblog About Politics
17.Best Web Development Weblog
18.Best Computers or Technology Weblog
19.Best Topical Weblog
20.Best GLBT Weblog
21.Best Teen Weblog
22.Most Humorous Weblog
23.Best Writing of a Weblog
24.Best Group Weblog
25.Best Community Weblog
26.Best-Designed Weblog
27.Best-Kept-Secret Weblog
28.Best New Weblog
29.Lifetime Achievement
30.Weblog of the Year

Nominations fall into the following categories, and according to their rules - you can nominate a blog for more than one category (and each category has up to three or four slots, so you can nominate more than one per category as well)!

You can support the SIP's blog by nominating it in the 2006 Bloggies. Your vote is important.

To do so, go to and enter us in “Best New Webblog” or/and “Best Canadian Webblog” or/and "Best Community Weblog" or/and whatever...

Please check this interesting initiative, meet Nikolai Nolan and nominate your favourite blogs!

The Society of Internet Professionals' Blog

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The Third World

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Thanks a lot for your support!

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