Saturday, April 01, 2006

Meet SIP at VON Canada 2006

SIP Group Meets SIP Protocol & mesh06 originators @ VON Canada

The Voice on the Net (VON) Canada 2006 Conference & Expo
April 3-5, 2006
at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

mesh: Canada's Web 2.0 conference
May 15 & 16, 2006
at the Toronto MaRS Collaboration Centre

The Society of Internet Professionals' (SIP - participation in the spring VON expo in Toronto is not just about having a booth. It's about being part of the buzz that generates at the conference and around the Web 2.0.
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is one of the leading protocols for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and VoIP is not only about voice on the Net but it’s also about all other multimedia elements such as video, instant messaging, online games, and even virtual reality.

We at SIP would like you to join us in Toronto April 3-5, 2006 at Voice on the Net Canada 2006, the premiere tradeshow for VoIP and the rest of the IP Communications industry. Now in its 3rd year in Canada, VON sheds a spotlight on Telecom-Internet convergence and offers a clear window into the key aspects of next-generation of IP communications: technology, markets, regulation, emerging concerns, and so on.
Max Haroon, AIP
President SIP
Blogger Panel:
For the first time ever, a panel has been put together featuring our top IP bloggers. If you've been reading them, here's your chance to see them.
Monday, April 3, 2006
4:15pm - 5:45pm

The Bloggers Syndicate speaks

Jon Arnold, Principal, J Arnold & Associates
Mark Evans, Senior Technology Reporter, National Post
Rob Hyndman, Founder, Hyndman | Law
Mathew Ingram, Business and Technology Writer,, Globe and Mail
Jeff Pulver, Founder and Chairman, pulvermedia
Alec Saunders, CEO, iotum

who is running mesh06?

Mark Evans - senior technology reporter, The National Post
Mathew Ingram - technology and business writer, Globe & Mail
Mike McDerment - CEO, 2ndSite Online Invoicing
Rob Hyndman - business lawyer, Hyndman | Law
Stuart MacDonald - entrepreneur, marketer, founder


The Jeff Pulver Blog: Voice 2.0 is PURPLE:
November 01, 2005
Uh, hey, wait a second. “Voice 2.0” is not an original concept. “Voice 2.0” is in fact all about being “Purple.” As in “Purple Minutes.”
VON Canada 2006 - Toronto Join the IP Communications Transformation in Canada. ... value to justify carrier investment in voice over IP and ... [Found on MSN Search, Yahoo! Search]

Voice over IP | Technology Futures
Toronto announces wireless blanket
The city of Toronto has just announced a big wireless project, and they have an interesting approach to making the system pay for itself--VoIP ... business associates and I decided to try a Skype voice conference call ... resistance of broadband providers to free and fe... [Found on MSN Search, Yahoo! Search]

VoIP pioneer aims for end of regular phone networks
Mobilemag is reporting - At the Voice On the Net (VON) conference in Toronto, Skype Technologies co-founder and CEO ... You will be able to make free telephone calls to other Voice-over-IP ... [Found on MSN Search, Yahoo! Search]

Zennstrom Bails on VON Canada; Vonage Savaged
A Canadian take on telecom and technology
(hat tip to Jim Courtney)
by Mark Evans on Thu 30 Mar 2006 09:24 PM EST


Ken Camp's Weblog for the VOIP Community
Realtime-VoIP: The VoIP Community Weblog

Musings of an Internet Marketing Consultant

Thought Flickr's
The PeterDawson Home of Thought !! A SlashPD Production (/pd)

The Jeff Pulver Blog - Notes, comments and observations
Pulverradio - Raw Rock Radio
Commercial Free Rock
PPN Pulvermedia Podcasting Network

VoIP Watch
Andy Abramson blog: All about Voice Over IP and Internet Based Telephony.

VoIP Blog and Podcast

News and Views on IP Communications Business and Technology - by Erik Lagerway

HomePage - on CablePulse24 every Wednesday from 5-6pm.
It will broaden your understanding of cutting edge technology and open your eyes to the brightest new concepts on the horizon. Tune in, log on and learn.

VoIP security issues on rise
By: Tim Wilson(31 Mar 2006)
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is currently all the rage in IT circles, with many vendors falling over themselves to provide this new alternative to traditional phone calls. However, questions surrounding the security of VoIP, and what customers can and should do about it, have risen along with talk of its promise.
They were a hot topic at last month’s VON (Voice on the Net) Mexico show in Mexico City. VON Canada will take place in Toronto April 3-5.
The first thing to realize is that VoIP is a protocol, not a technology...and only 3.5 to 4 million SIP phones. Also, an application like Skype is peer-to-peer, which limits exposure." A peer-to-peer network provides significant security, but obviously...
Mon Mar 27 15:07:49 PST 2006 [Found on Topix News]
This Week in InfoWorld

LinuxWorld and NetworkWorld Canada Conference and Expo
April 24-26, 2006
at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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