Monday, November 26, 2007

SIP's Panel Discussion: Web 2.0 & The Power of Social Networking

Social Networking Websites and Collaborative Tools

The Society of Internet Professionals would like to invite everybody at

Web 2.0 Panel Discussions
Social Networking Websites and Collaborative Tools

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (come early and visit SIP booth at the CareerDoor HiTech/IT Career Fair)

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, Room 104, CareerDoor HiTech/IT Career Fair
255 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2W6
Just as the next generation of the Web — Web 2.0 is revolutionizing media, culture, and the economy, the Net Generation and its Web 2.0 tools are profoundly reshaping organizations and workplaces. Drawing on their experience with peers on sites such as Facebook and YouTube, N-Geners in the workplace increasingly employ blogs, wikis, and other new tools to form ad hoc communities that transcend departmental and organizational boundaries. Smart companies are learning to leverage these tools that promote collaboration.
Three experts in their own field of social networking and Web 2.0
Joel Alleyne, Principal, Alleyne Inc, Practitioner in Residence at the Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto;
Darius Bashar, professional Social Media Coach, President of the Apollo Media, also runs Toronto Blogger Meetup;
Martin Cleaver, MSc MBA, Principal, Blended Perspectives, also runs Toronto Wiki Tuesdays.

Paul Artiuch, Research Analyst and Associate Director, New Paradigm

Visit the event website for their profiles

FEE (Pre-registration required at the Registration Page) $10 for members, $0 for new members this week, $20 Guests/Visitors
A book on Blogging will be raffled from all entries pre-registered before November 26.

FEE at the Door: $25 $20


CareerDoor Inc.

Rai Grant Insurance Broker

INQUIRIES or phone: 416-891-4937

We have invested a lot of resources to evangelize benefits of using these tools for individuals and small businesses; the event is open to public for a modest fee, if you pre-register. We will appreciate your efforts in broadcasting this event to your email list.
We would like to know, what is holding you back from not attending this excellent event with lots of networking opportunities!
Looking forward to seeing all of you!

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