Friday, April 18, 2008

Planning Follow-up from it360 Show Participation

SIP Booth at the it360 Show, April 2008SIP Booth at the it360 Show, April 2008
Max Haroon, President SIP and Dave Forde, Chair Toronto Technology Week discussing participation in September 22 - 27, 2008 Photo: 2008 @
Dear SIPpers,

Thank you so much for staffing the SIP's booth at the it360º Show.

At the end of the it360º show someone asked me, "Was it a success for SIP"?

Success is a multifaceted for me:
  • Signing for membership or SIPpost
  • Collecting so many business cards
  • Meeting volunteers
  • Meeting some old acquaintances
  • Meeting people who are on our mailing list, "Max I get your SIPpost" (understandable, we have 10,000 subscribers of the SIPpost and I do not know all of them!)
  • Discussing with some companies for membership, speaking or job board.
Love to hear your experience and your success stories. Did you have fun?

Now the hard work begins - follow ups, we need to scan the cards and send emails to all visitors of our booth and others we met.

A short meeting is planned to do a follow-up work from the show at Ooh-La-La, CBC Atrium, 250 Front Street West (across the road from Toronto Metro Convention Centre) at 3 pm on Friday April 18, 2008. We should finish by 4 pm.

Please make a special effort to get together with our small group of volunteers and some members of panel of experts. Your rsvp will be highly appreciated.

Max Haroon
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