Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Why Join SIP?

Society of Internet Professionals: Transforming IT Sphere
Society of Internet Professionals: Transforming IT Sphere
Connect, Learn, and Share Knowledge with the Peers in Technology Sector

This article, authored by Cory Popescu, SIP Writers Forum, will provide a different perspective about joining the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) as a Member/Volunteer.

SIP is the Society of Internet Professionals which since its beginnings has found many ways of attracting and retaining respected members. The group has a strong leadership by the president of the Society running its activities for over 20 years, since its creation. He, and many other SIP members who regularly get involved in its activities, welcome new members, keep constant relationships with all members and fully support and encourage experience and ideas exchange between all associates.

Besides the other benefits that most associations would offer, SIP is unique due to a few common traits that you would rarely find elsewhere. When you are a member, not necessarily implicated in running this organization, you would not feel the stumbling blocks that sometimes exist between the leaders and the rest elsewhere. The way the persons leading this organization communicates with other associates or those to become is direct, authentic, and done in the simplest manner. Therefore, people can ask different questions related to this association and its business without being ridiculed or feel obstructed. They truly understand that the other person is listening and showing them the way to an organization that presents abounding opportunities.

A powerful corollary to this distinctive strength: the cohesiveness that exists between all levels of this special organization means that the Founding president, Max Haroon and the SIP long time associates work together towards a smooth welcoming for all future associates. They are open to receive questions and comments, opinions and remarks from the would-be members sometimes turning into stimulating discussions. These provide challenging, constructive ways to enhance the SIP group in many subtle ways from its structure to its activities and to each person's achievements, thus contributing to a dynamic model of the SIP institution. One way of representing this model is through the members benefits which can be found at

Some of the SIP members' benefits include:

  • Affinity programs for auto, home, liability insurance;
  • Group health and dental plans;
  • Help posting your brand;
  • Help finding your professional match whether you are an employer or an employee;
  • Free subscriptions to some trade magazines;
  • Free passes to some expositions;
  • Wonderful networking opportunities;
  • Exclusive invitations to SIP lunch and dinner;
  • Free / discounted admissions to SIP events.

Remember that a crucial element of members' benefits represents the invaluable networking meetings with professional experts from the industry to whom you connect, who help you participate in provocative discussions, exchange pertinent ideas, and grow to an accomplished professional.

Cory Popescu

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