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Can IT Professionals Become Savvy Networkers?

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This article, authored by Cory Popescu, SIP Writers Forum, is for the IT / Internet Professional, but it is equally applicable to anyone, as we use computer and mobile devices in all aspects of our lives regardless of our profession.

In many world economies, relationships are crucial to interact and to integrate in the society. One of the most used means to integrate in the society is by obtaining a position to contribute to the economic and social development as: employee, employer or investor in all their types and forms. Obtaining those positions may require networking with people.

Networking with different professionals for any purpose might seem difficult for Information Technology persons who by the nature of their work may generally appear reserved, quiet, reclusive.  However, solutions exist to provide the IT professionals with amazing tools to find their new work place.

Nowadays one of the most used equipment at least in the developed and emerging economies is represented by the devices which run a variety of software applications for different aspects of our lives. The existence of a plethora of social media sites benefit networking between people of all walks of life. For the IT and Internet professionals these ways of communication appeal because they offer the capability to:
  • Reach others effortlessly and conveniently. Accessing computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones and other electronic devices becomes easier than ever and it can be done from anywhere worldwide.
  • Use devices and tools that the IT professionals know the best.
  • Do networking with a higher degree of comfort. The IT professionals hone their networking skills by accessing first what they are most familiar with: technical equipment and software.
  • Do networking at their own pace. Especially when they become part of an event, depending on the person, the technical people think that they would have to keep up with the activities of those occasions which most of the time involve personal interaction. That might be an inconvenience for the IT professionals who might withdraw themselves in the middle of the networking opportunity or interact with only one or two participants. Conversely, while accessing the social media they might simultaneously get several new acquaintances involved to engaging conversations and to obtain a desired result.
  • Higher degree of freedom during their networking conversations with other people over the Internet. Since the IT professionals feel highly comfortable accessing software, they could keep that level of self-assurance to communicate with new people through the very software that they have just connected to. Thus, they have the ability to develop challenging conversations, enhance the ideas expressed and comfortably influence the outcomes of those conversations.

While the IT professionals use the social media and the Internet to network for endless opportunities, they develop the skills to contact and maintain valuable new relationships. Consequently, and contrary to popular belief, using what they know the best the IT professionals can become proficient at networking and part of a new and lucrative opportunity exclusively through internet interaction.

Cory Popescu

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Max Haroon said...

No wonder, in spite of all what is offered online and by social media, we still crave for professional networking at touch-feel events.