Tuesday, January 23, 2007

eBook: Digital Publishing Workshop

One-day Workshop
Digital Publishing - New Markets & Methods
Creating & Marketing e-Books, Blogs and Digital Content

E-Books and web-based publications, such as e-newsletters, blogs, e-zines, and online training have become cost-effective alternatives to the traditional printed book. This workshop will show you how to make your dream of writing a book into a reality by producing and marketing your own digital content. Marketing methods including e-Marketing discussed in this workshop will equally apply to printed books and internet based businesses. We will also explore self-publishing as a business.
Join us January 26, 2007 to learn:

♦ The process of creating, publishing and promoting digital content

♦ How e-Book publishing compares to self-publishing, POD, and vanity publishing

♦ Ways to leverage blogging and internet marketing for self-promotion and income

♦ How to evaluate different publishing formats/devices and how to protect your content

♦ Design and production tips

♦ Creating a buzz by publicity, public relations and advertising campaigns

♦ Techniques for establishing an e-Book/self publishing business

featuring speakers:

Chris Van Buren
established American writer and publisher

Annie Jennings
leading American publicist for authors

Stefan Eyram
specialist in email marketing and best practices for email campaigns

Janette Burke
Principal Publicist and Editor of Prime Time PR

Max Haroon
e-marketing and SEO specialist

9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Nexient, 2 Bloor Street West, Suite 800, Toronto
(Yonge/Bloor Subway station)

More details and registration for this event can be found here: http://sipgroup.org/workshops/ebooks/

NatRadio.com:: Listen to a recorded interview of Max Haroon with Laura Barranca about the Digital Publishing workshop on NatRadio.com

Forum: Digital Publishing - New Markets & Methods
An online forum is created to assist attendees in their projects (you are encouraged to post your comments and questions before/after the workshop.

Don't have a blog yet, or want to find out more?
You can try these blogging sites:
Blogger - LiveJournal - MySpace - TypePad

Or you can come and learn more about blogging:

What is a blog?
  • A blog (weB LOG: it is a website) is a content management system: an easy way to have a great-looking, up-to-date, easy-to-use, search-engine friendly presence on the web.
How a blog is different from a website?
  • weblogs are “post-centric” -- the posting is the key unit -- rather than “page-centric,” as with more traditional websites;
  • weblogs typically link to other websites and blog postings, and many allow readers to comment on the original post, thereby allowing audience discussions.
How you can start a blog? or Blogging 101
Start your blog now
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Blogit: The online Writing Marketplace
pMachine | Publish Your Universe
Two of the more popular blog sites would be Google Blogger and MSN Spaces.

How will people find your blog?
Nobody is reading my blog ... Help me!
You spend all night setting up your very own blog, but in short time you realize nobody is coming to read it. Need more traffic to your blog? blogexplosion
Read Max Haroon's article "The Significance of Links for your Website Ranking" published on the SIP's blog.

Good news is that the original and best blogger services are still free.

Why blogs are so popular?
What are blogs, and how did they become so popular?
Ask Yahoo!
Blogging is great
...And, fortunately, we have blogs. We can publish what we actually think, even when misreported...
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timbl's blog
timbl aka Tim Berners-Lee
What is SO special about having a blog?


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