Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Significance of Links for Your Website Ranking

Links Better Google's PageRank

Part 1

If you have just visited a new web site, then the chances are, you clicked on a link directing you to this newly discovered website. A website without anyone linking to it is like a business without any coordinates – no one knows about you.

Links not only direct a person to a website but they also direct a spider (a search engine’s information gathering program) to the website.

Links help your site to get noticed and indexed by search engines. The number of linkages to your website demonstrates the popularity of your website to search engines. The more the better.

There are three ways that people can find your website:

1. The Internet surfer types the entire URL (website address) into the command line of their browser. This option requires that your URL is pre-selected or known.

2. The Internet surfer clicks on an advertisement or sponsored links that sends him to your website. This is a huge form of paid internet advertising.

3. The Internet surfer locates you by typing certain keywords (let us call it a key-phrase) or your company name into a search engine. Eighty five percent of all traffic to websites is directed by search engines.

Therefore it is very important that your website is listed in the results provided by search engines, when you type a key-phrase in your favourite search engine.

Not all websites are listed in the results, and the top page is restricted to only ten websites. If your website is not listed on the top page of a search engine, then the probability of people clicking on your website is next to zero.

This series of articles will focus on methods of ranking your web site high with search engines, starting with Linkages.>>>

There's more. Read the whole article.

Happy linking!

Max Haroon
Search Engine Marketing Specialist

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