Tuesday, March 21, 2006

SIP Meeting: Preparation of ID Theft Prevention Summit

Planning Meeting for Identity Theft Prevention Summit

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Time: 5 pm to 7 pm


Identity Theft Prevention One-Day Summit
Logistic issues & event management
Protection from Identity Theft Resource Kit
Event marketing

Location: Committee Room # 3, Toronto City Hall
Address & Map: 100 Queen Street West, Toronto
(North-west corner of Queen Street West and Bay Street)
Public Transit: subway to either Queen (Yonge line) or Osgoode (University line) and walk over to Bay St.

Please attend this meeting as we value your input to plan for this Summit.
These meetings are great opportunity for networking and mingling.
We will start with a 60 seconds of elevator pitch by each attendee (so come prepared with your pitch and bring lots of business cards).

The Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) is embarking on its biggest event in SIP's history. As you know SIP has organized hundreds of events since 1997, anything from a small special interest groups to large panel discussions.

Success of the Protection Identity Theft panel presentations held on February 28 has prompted us to use the same theme and bring experts to address various key issues in different environments. A small show case of products and services dealing in this area is also planned like a mini trade show.

Looking forward to see you.


Max Haroon, AIP
Please rsvp@sipgroup.org (indicating your availability)

Photos from Protection Identity Theft Event, February 28, 2006

Details about the Identity Theft Prevention Summit


Video: RSA 2006, San Jose, Sun CEO's keynote
Sun's Scott McNealy lists security nightmares
RSA 2006 heard Sun CEO, Scott McNealy, list his top ten security nightmares and when the video display acted up, he assured the audience it was a Windows system.
6 minutes 8 seconds Feb 14, 2006 4:30:00 PM
Credit: CNET Networks, Inc.

Speaking of Security...
The RSA Security Blog for Security Professionals

Identity Theft
Worried about identity theft? Let Deloitte protect your company!
Sponsored by: www.deloitte.ca/ [Found on Ads by Google]


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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Full-time Blogger: c-blog: Community or Corporation Weblog

c-blog, i-blog, sip-blog

Blogging is fashion

It's time for the SIP to organize a Toronto bloggers panel. The Art Gallery of Ontario has treated bloggers as hip journalists. Blogging is fashion.

AGO builds new relationships with blogger journalists
Wednesday, February 15. 2006
Posted by Art Matters in Transformation AGO at 11:05

Who are those famous virtual reporters?

Eli Singer

Sam Javanrouh

Rannie Turingan

Robert Oulette

The Torontoist


Amber Mac, CommandN


David Crow

We would like to add a couple of other Toronto blogs:

Metroblogging Toronto

the Greater Toronto Area bloggers

The Junction + Dundas West + TO

ArtJunction: AGO: Catherine the Great Comes to Toronto
+ Our comments on AGO's blog

Flickr: Toronto Bloggers

Join The Toronto Weblogger Meetup Group


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