Monday, April 30, 2007

SIP 10th Anniversary Celebration

On April 20, 2007 we celebrated our 10th anniversary by speeches, prizes, honouring sponsors and having a lively discussion at the Toronto City Hall.

Message from the President
My fellow SIPpers, it is not a small feat that we have survived 10 years when many associations in the Internet sector were not able to sustain themselves. We are proud of our achievements in spite of no governments or private funding, the notable being the establishment of Accredited Internet Professional (AIP) program in nine different streams. Standards and Certification was the mandate of SIP and we are expanding the program with accreditation of training centres. >>>
Max Haroon

Mark Swartz at a SIP event on April 20, 2007

Discussion: Dusting Your Digital Dirt

Mark Swartz did a superb talk on “Dusting Your Digital Dirt” and the followed up discussion. What happens when you Google yourself? Are you top of the list with glowing citations? Or is your "digital dust" holding you back? Mark Swartz , MBA, M.Ed., is a leading Canadian career and worklife specialist. His advice is read by millions as the Career Advisor. Visit his site for more than 100 free career articles at

Max Haroon presenting SIP Sponsorship plaque to Harry Benz

Honouring Montgomery Benz - a new SIP Corporate Sponsor

Montgomery Benz is a premier recruitment firm focusing on the specialized fields of Information, Systems Security, including DRP, BCP, Governance, Privacy, Threat Risk Assessment and IT audit.

Raffling Lots of Prizes

It was also the 10th anniversary of SIP, and we gave away lots of prizes and the winners are:
  1. William Stratas: Super pass to the IT360 Conference and Exposition
  2. Laura Tyson : Get Wired, You're Hired! - 3rd Edition, Mark Swartz, MBA, M.Ed.
  3. Taylor Jin: Webroot's Spy sweeper software
  4. Bob Skakie: a half-hour consultation with Janette Burke, Marketing Magnet (MC of the event)
Anniversary Messages & Testimonials

To Max:
I am proud to have witnessed your 10th anniversary meeting. You have always executed with superb vision and effectiveness. Your manner of managing meetings is excellent. I really admire what you have achieved ...
William Stratas, President of

Hi Max,
Congratulations on arranging such a well-attended meeting. I had a wonderful time getting to know your group and helping them to share ideas. I have to say that I was delighted by how helpful and approachable everyone was. From Olga giving me a "movie star greeting," to the engaging introduction Jeanette provided for me, and into the discussions I had with several audience members, you folks made me feel right at home. Laura's enthusiasm and professionalism was a welcome addition to the evening as well. All of this reflects positively on your organizing efforts, Max.
Mark Swartz, MBA, M.Ed. CAREER ACTIVIST: Speaker - Author - Career Coach

Photos from the event:

Hayden Alge of Brainhunter presenting SIP Job Board, a new online initiative of SIP

SIP events are good for networking: Masood Khan handing out his card to Terry Joosten
SIP events are good for networking:
Masood Khan handing out business card to Terry Joosten

Q & A with Mark Swartz
Q & A with Mark Swartz

Janette Burke, MC of the event
Janette Burke, MC of the event

More photos from the event >>>

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wobuilt said...

Hi Max,

It was a great event and I thought that Mark Swartz's presentation was extremely informative, especially his warning about the importance to have a positive profile and web presence on the net. Clients and prospective employers are looking more and more at the "inofficial" information which is posted, not just the public face. So, keeping this in mind, I will endeavor to post only information that I can stand by in the future.

The event was worthwhile all the great efforts by everyone.



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