Monday, November 21, 2005

How You Can Protect Your PC Safely and Securely

How to Keep Your Internet Computer Alive & Healthy

by Duke Duyck

* Computer failure has been with us as long as we have had computers
* Crashing may be caused by many reasons: software corruption, lightning, hardware failure, viruses, hacking
* Our PC has an 80 GB drive with 700,000 files on it.
* We can not afford to lose:
[v]Our files
[v]Our financial data
[v]Our customer data
[v]Our contact data
* Even reprogramming a modern PC can take a couple of weeks - time we cannot afford either
* The answer is always the same: BACK-UP
[v] But How?
[v]What are the best methods for back-up?

Come and listen how you can protect your PC safely and securely!

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Online Backup Services Come of Age
The capabilities of online backup services have evolved dramatically in the past few years. We look at five services that can help keep your data safe.
Jon L. Jacobi, special to PC World
Thursday, July 28, 2005



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Anonymous said...


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Charles Brown said...

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