Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How to Keep Up To Date with Technology

Keeping up with Technology Developments

by Jim Courtney

* Traditional: Trade Press, Business Press, TV, conferences, seminars

* Internet: email subscriptions, websites (business, financial, news services, etc.), webinars, newsgroups

* Problem for independent consultants and small businesses

[v] building a more personal conversation across an industry segment and/or you business chain of suppliers and customers.

[v] maintaining a degree of informality

* Solution: Blogs

[v] authored by individuals or small groups

[v] provide ongoing commentary on current issues

[v] announce new products and services in a more informal environment

Come and listen how you can keep up with technology!

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Jim Courtney: Profile

Over the past 33 years Jim Courtney has held general management and sales and marketing management positions with high technology companies addressing business, government, healthcare and academic markets.
Ten years ago, while a business development manager with Quarterdeck Corporation, he had his first exposure to VoIP through Quarterdeck's development of a pioneering VoIP software application, WebTalk, that worked on 100MHz Pentium PC?s with 28.8kbps modems.
In early 1996 he participated in an analyst presentation in London, England from his Mississauga, Ontario office demonstrating Quarterdeck's VoIP and web conferencing software and has continued to hold an interest in the evolution of VoIP and web conferencing as a communications tool.
For the past nine years he has been a business development and business plan consultant to start-ups and emerging companies providing solutions in healthcare, communications and Internet infrastructure markets.

He occasionally blogs at http://dicx.blogspot.com.

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