Thursday, January 05, 2017

Re-Launching Society of Internet Professionals

Poster: Re-Launching - Society of Internet Professionals

Help us to Relaunch SIP by becoming a Board Member or Founding Sponsor

The Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) is a not-for-profit organization was established in 1997 with a mandate to uphold professional standards of internet professionals.
Since 1997, SIP has spearheaded a professional code of ethics and many initiatives, educational programs, and networking events.
Review our resource-intensive website and past events at

SIP Achievements
We are proud of multiple initiatives we have taken; some of them are listed below:
  • Over one-hundred Networking events with Business and the Internet experts
  • Educational Workshop by leading technology leaders
  • Resource Intensive Website
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Publishing SIPpost, a weekly tech briefs
  • Job Board
  • Participating at trade shows in Canada and USA
  • Accreditation of Internet Professionals
  • Professional Code of Ethics

After a good run coming to 20 years, we would like to move with the times and reinvent the organization with a new mandate and a new structure.
One of the initiatives we are planning is creation of TEDxSIP (TED-like event for the Internet community).
We are looking for some selected and committed Internet professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations, who would support us by becoming a Founding Sponsor, be part of the Board/Committee to make it happen.

We envisage your contribution and involvement will help us in:
  • Drafting a new Charter and Mandate
  • Forming a new Board
  • Establishing Fund for Operation
  • Organizing events and other initiatives

As a Founding sponsor, you will get the following Benefits
  • Part of our Speakers Bureau
  • Speak at our events
  • Share our booth at Trade Shows
  • Promote your product/services at our events
  • Part of Board

We sincerely hope that you consider this proposal to be a Founding Sponsor of SIP and share our vision and your passions to help others.

Strategy Meeting
ReLaunch meeting is planned for January 12, 2017 at 4 pm in Toronto, please send an email to receive the details.

Max Haroon
or phone: 416-891-4937
Vikas Ramrakha
or phone: 416-558-3061

Society of Internet Professionals (SIP)                                                           
120 Carlton, Suite 305, Toronto, Ontario  M5A 4K2, CANADA 

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