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Live-Tweeting and Photos from Starting Your Business Blog Workshop

Starting Your Business Blog workshop, photos by Olga GoubarPhoto-collage: Starting Your Business Blog
Workshop by @Tangible Words Ltd.
Photos by Olga Goubar & Max Haroon
2011 @

Starting Your Business Blog Using WordPress
by Alysha Dominico, Tangible Words Ltd
October 14, 2011 at Network Orange ING Cafe
SIP Social Media Series Workshop

This mini-workshop by Alysha Dominico and organised by the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) was well attended by 27 attendees.

The presenter was awesome.

The venue was excellent freshly grounded coffee, brewed fresh in your mug.

Attendees loved the interactive approach re-enforced by some exercises and they have requested an intensive hands on workshop on using WordPress.

Max Haroon

Please find some photos and a little more information about this workshop on the Meet-up group website and on the SIP group website.

"Everything You Need To Know About Business Blogging" presentation using Twitter-style messaging and hashtags notes:

@TangibleWords Alysha Dominico
I'm presenting "Everything You Need To Know About Business Blogging" at this Meetup with SIP #li #Toronto
19 Sep RT by sipgroup

@sipgroup SIP Association
Great opportunity to learn #Business #Blogging with @TangibleWords this Friday, October 14, @ 6 pm, ING Cafe #Toronto
11 Oct by @sipgroup

@sipgroup SIP Association
Our Business Blogging workshop with @TangibleWords tomorrow has 24 people attending, meet some like minded people rsvp
13 Oct by @sipgroup

Read live-tweeting from this workshop:
@sipgroup SIP Association 14 Oct via web
Retweeted by TangibleWords

Registration is ongoing 4 the workshop Everything You Need to Know about Business Blogging with Alysha @Tangible Words

Our #Business #Blogging mini-workshop is going well. Max is presenting the Society of Internet Professionals. We got a Q: life-time member?

Tyrrel is presenting the SIP's group future events & introducing upcoming presenters. Dorothy is presenting our team for new #website.

Learning part of the workshop is on the whiteboard. Some of the points: be an expert, measure your roi, consistency and #SEO. #Business

Creating a content plan for your #business #blog is very important and now we answering on Q: What should a Business Blog be about? Focus.

We R discussing different reasons why people need UR services: what problems your prospects having & what kind of solutions you can provide.

How to set up a blog? 3 best blogging software options 4 creating your #business #blog: wordpress + Blogger + in-house site @TangibleWords

After discussing your "tree-point list" problems + how to solve them = start to write your first post explaining just one idea on your blog.

Our #business #blogging #workshop is absolutely wonderful and interactive. Alysha @TangibleWords is strong: #content - is SO important.

For further professional coaching for your blog: ask questions, share ideas, get your free gift, and join Alysha on Twitter @TangibleWords

We are still here at the ING Direct Orange Cafe (this is a wonderful social media friendly spot in #Toronto) networking and sharing ideas.

Hope everyone had a great time, learn new things, and ready to publish their first #business #blog posts. Thank you Alysha @TangibleWords!

Olga, Social Media Coordinator.

We got a comment on our meetup group:
I learned a few things that helped me a lot for maintenance, I did my WordPress blog some time ago, now I need to spread it around so people blog ....
Excellent seminar, location beautiful, environment, participants, organizers perfect!
Cory Popescu

Thank you, Cory!

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