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Internet Professionals Search for Strategies

Internet Professionals Search for Strategies, SIP at the SES Toronto 2011, by Attila LendvaiCollage: Internet Professionals Search for Strategies
@ 2011 SES Toronto Conference & Expo
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Internet Professionals Search for Strategies
and Find a Society of Great Company
at 2011 SES Conference & Expo

By Attila Lendvai, MBA |
Member Advisory Panel, Society of Internet Professionals

Search Engine Strategies. The very term suggests a paradox. Surely, the concept of a search engine is to assist people in finding information online—including organizations and their products, services, people, etc. Of course, as Internet Professionals we are all too familiar with the truism that what sounds great in theory rarely works as well in practice. The fact is, the sheer scale and scope of the worldwide web makes being found a challenge, search engines notwithstanding. Without taking certain measures, it is very likely a website will never find itself on the coveted “first page” of a search engine’s results, and more than likely will be buried on page two, three…thirty of a Google search result. As it turns out, the measures that can be taken to improve one’s ranking on a search engine are as varied as the technologies used to encode the web itself. Herein lays the rationale for a conference and expo that intends to enlighten Internet Professionals on the latest search engine strategies: bring together Internet Professionals and organizations to exchange knowledge and experience about how to be found online.

We use the term "Internet Professionals" because honestly, what businessperson, non-profit leader or government official does not rely on the Internet? Gone are the days when the Society of Internet Professional’s members consisted solely of engineers, programmers and cutting edge webpreneurs. Now, its members come from every walk of life—from social activists and lawyers to innumerable business owners, managers and consultants. The common connecting link between them is a desire to be "more professional" (efficient and effective in their professional life) by virtue of understanding—or networking with others who understand—all the risks/benefits of using the Internet. So, as far as the Society of Internet Professionals is concerned, everyone who attended this year’s SES Conference and Expo was already one of us. Maybe that’s why so many showed interest and became members of our non-for-profit Professional Association on the spot. Clearly, Internet Professionals recognize the need to network with one another in a technological context if they hope to keep on top of the latest trends and best practices in their profession/industry—regardless of what that may be.

In the context of a conference whose intention was to give Internet Professionals a chance to network, promote, educate and be educated by like-minded Internet Professionals, we can say only positive things about the 2011 SES Show. As to what they were sharing with each other? We would need our own web server and wiki-platform to attempt to encapsulate all the brilliant cutting-edge online content creation, management, dissemination tactics, technologies and packaged services being offered by companies. In a nutshell, it’s the strategic crafting of content fed into various online channels—especially the social media phenomenon—that generates positive effects driving traffic—increased search engine ranking first and foremost them. But we would be remiss not to mention the amicable atmosphere and friendliness of everyone at the show. Clearly, Internet Professionals are not only like-minded, they are like-hearted. They seem eager to openly share with one another the highs and lows of their professional experiences, and even their personal feelings on particular "eccentric behaviours of technology."

In summary, then, the 2011 SES Conference and Expo was an "in-person microcosm" of what the Society of Internet Professionals is all about. A friendly atmosphere where like-minded professionals from all walks of life come together to socialize, network, connect, share knowledge and experience, etc. At the end of the day, everyone gets something positive from a gathering of Internet Professionals such as the 2011 SES Show. This is why the Society of Internet Professional will never be too far from any such gathering in the GTA.

2011 © Attila Lendvai
Attila Lendvai is a Strategy and Communication Consultant, The Attlas Project - See the World in a New Light. Attila has an Honours BA in English Linguistics and Dramatic Arts from the University of Guelph and an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. He is an award-winning published essayist and a skilled researcher, analyst, and instructor. In addition, he has a Diploma in Television and Radio Broadcasting from The National Institute of Broadcasting, Toronto.
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phone: 647.460.0560
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