Sunday, December 24, 2006

Re-energized by Bright Pearl

at the Bright Pearl Seafood Restaurant
Photo's credit: Olga Goubar

Members and friends of the Society of Internet Professionals had a lovely dinner and a good time at the Bright Pearl Seafood Restaurant on December 20.

See the photos at:

Do not forget to look at photos of the dinner we had last year >>.

  • [V] We supported Max's new initiative - Inspirational Books Discussion Group (IBDG) >>.
  • [V] We got a promotional offer from the VGC Photography Inc., and Juliusz Gajus provided us with portrait shoots (good for SIP's directory, portfolios, and prints) as well as photographs from the evening event >>.
  • [V] We discussed the partnership program for our upcoming one-day Digital Publishing workshop, which will provide a participant with a complimentary ticket >>.
  • [V] We opened our fortune cookies and shared the fortune messages for the year 2007 >>.
Fortune Messages for the Year 2007

Our thanks to Max Haroon for organizing this wonderful event.

I sent you an eCard from >>

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1 comment:

Terri Joosten said...

Max thanks for organizing the dinner and photo's both were great value.

Look forward to 2007