Thursday, May 18, 2006

SIP’s Summit Preparation: Learn New Security Tools


What: Next Generation Application Security Breakfast

Join BlueGem, Breach and Scienton and learn how you can effectively prevent the new generation of spying and application hacks

When: May 19, 2006
Time: 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Where: The Hilton Hotel
Location: 145 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2L2
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For more information please click here.

To register please call 416-924-4393
or e-mail


May 19, 2006: Next Generation Application Security Breakfast
Join BlueGem, Breach and Scienton and learn how you can effectively prevent the new generation of spying and application hacks.
Seminar attendees will not only learn about new and inventive application and spying protection tools but also be rewarded with:

* ALL attendees will receive a Sci-Stor discount coupon, valid for any product/purchase (Courtesy of Scienton Technologies Inc.)
* Win-a-Telephone Recording Device Draw Ballot (Courtesy of Breach Security)
* Free LocalSSL Trial (Courtesy of BlueGem Security)

08:00 Registration and Breakfast
09:00 New Generation of Spying and Application Hacks – Mr. Predrag Zivic, COO, Scienton
Mr. Zivic will discuss the nature of attacks and hacking techniques is changing as organizations improve their security practices. What is the impact of new spyware and application attacks on the organizations? The presentation will explore those impacts and new application protective control requirements.
09:30 Protecting Web Browser and SSL from Keyloggers and Spyware – Mr. Joe Park and Mr. James Harris
See real life demonstration on how SSL web browser connection and Windows applications can be spied upon and effectively protected by using new and inventive BlueGem Security Technology! Make sure that no one can spy on you!
10:00 Detection and Prevention of Web and SSL Application Attacks – Mr. Mitch Parker
Learn how this inventive solution detects and prevents web application attacks even through SSL in real time without adding additional in-line network hop. This technology provides amazing application protection without impacting network and application performance.
10:30-11:00 Meeting closure & Networking

Breakfast with BlueGem, Breach and Scienton will be held at:

The Hilton Hotel
145 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2L2

BlueGem Security Inc.
BlueGem Security provides security software solutions designed to protect organizations' online environment and its end-users from security threats. The BlueGem solution is a proactive not a reactive solution, and as such is by far the most effective weapon against Keyloggers. Self-funded and our holding company overseas has been selling LocalSSLTM for the last three years and now secures over 55 million internet users from identity thieves. BlueGem has global patent protection, which means that no one can approach the level of security we provide.
Breach Security Inc.
Breach Security is a leader in the emerging market for Intelligent Web Application Security, addresses today’s Web security needs with next-generation Web protection solutions. Breach’s products address both enterprise and governmental needs using a unique combination of detection and prevention technology to secure business-critical Web applications from targeted cyber attacks. With Breach’s Web application protection, cyber crimes are averted and privileged information remains secure.
Scienton Technologies Inc.
SCIENTON is among a handful of global leaders providing Large to Small-Medium Enterprises and Government Agencies and Organizations with tools and methodologies to manage risk and life-uncertainties – from the boardroom to the network. The Information Security Model® is Scienton's Operational Risk and Security Modeling tool, utilizing their intuitive Risk Cube® and an innovative approach to service. This unique service framework tool enables Scienton clients to develop new, creative and fully automated security management solutions.


Federation of Security Professionals
The FSP is an organization dedicated to education in the field of Information Security (InfoSec). The aim of the FSP is to organize seminars for InfoSec professionals and practitioners in the Greater Toronto area.
Toronto's Security User Group TASK
Toronto Area Security Klatch, provides a forum for experts to encourage discussion and share expertise in understanding the latest trends and security threats facing computer networks, systems and data.
Our membership includes Information Security practitioners, managers, network administrators, students, and anyone who is interesting in learning more about securing information.
TASK meets the last Wednesday of each month, and membership is free.
Toronto Area Security Klatch Forum
Index -> IT Events (Local and Otherwise) -> FSP Spring Seminar - May 05, 2006 - Toronto

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itceremony said...

Dear Volunteers:

I would like to have a short meeting (we will find a quite corner in the Hilton Hotel) after the event to discuss:
- the Summit's progress
- SIP booth at the Wowgao show and InfoSecurity show next month.

Please go to our website to get details of the show.

I hope to see you.

Max Haroon, AIP
Society of Internet Professionals (SIP)

itceremony said...

A handy link for the summit:
Toronto Area Security Klatch Forum Index -> IT Events (Local and Otherwise) -> FSP Spring Seminar - May 05, 2006 - Toronto

The FSP (Federation of Security Professionals,, a co-sponsor of TASK, will be holding their spring seminar in May. Admission is free, and the speakers are always worth going to see. Details follow.

Registration for the FSP Spring '06 Seminar is open and is filling up rapidly. It will take place Friday May 5th at 315 Front Street RBC Auditorium A&B&C. We have a very exciting agenda for the May session:

1. The State of Certifications and Credentials in Information Technology
Eric Parent, Logicnet
2. Who's Minding the Watchdog: Employing a Privileged User Monitoring Strategy
Robin Hogan, Consul
3. Beyond the Password: Business Enablement Through Identity & Access Management
Matt Caston, CA
4. Identity Theft
Rosaleen Citron, WhiteHat
5. Physical Security Based on a Risk Analysis Model
Brian Pouliotte, BSSI
6. Making Sense of Vulnerability Assessments
Charlie MacMillan, LCBO & Predrag Zivic, Scienton

REMEMBER THAT THIS SEMINAR IS FREE!! You can use this training towards your professional designations like CISSP, CISA and CISM.

Please be sure and register early at to secure your enrollment.

"FSP Seminar Attendance Policy" is in effect so please read before you register.
Robert W. Beggs, CISSP CISA