Thursday, February 16, 2006

Early Bird Registration: SIP's Panel "Protection from Identity Theft"

Protection from Identity Theft
SIP Post #535 February 14, 2006

Dear Friends of the SIP:

We have put together a powerful panel and a lot of resources in organizing “Protection from Identity Theft" discussion. The sole objective of our event is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you will need to effectively protect yourself against this crime.

Please register by February 22 to take advantage of the special fee of $15 only, which will also provide you with a valuable Resource Kit.

I am looking forward to seeing you with your friends and colleagues on February 28.

Yours truly,

Max Haroon

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View From the Security Summit
By Sharon Gaudin - Published February 15, 2006
Bill Gates and other tech leaders lay out their visions of a secure digital future to attendees of the annual RSA conference in San Jose. [more from]
The Ultimate Question About Identity

Art Coviello, chief executive officer and president of RSA Security Inc., and Scott McNealy, chairman and chief executive officer of Sun Microsystems, followed Gates with their own morning keynotes at the security conference that is drawing in 14,000 attendees this year, according to an RSA spokesperson.
"Who are you?" asks Coviello. "In the world of business, even the most basic transactions start with that question... We need to help people answer that question."
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Just when you thought the cold war was over and the world was once again safe for democracy, this latest news just in ... read full blog
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Hair We Go Again
John Chambers, Cisco CEO: If the Cisco stock ever fails Mr. Chambers will have no problem making a living as a TV evangelist, he has an energy and...
In My Inner Space

Passive Identity at the RSA Conference
Kaliya Hamlin, also known as "Identity Woman," has been attending the RSA Conference in San Jose. (As, indeed, she appears to be attending almost...
By Tom Maddox in Opinity Weblog

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Hey what's up, just letting you know that someone from C.A. read your blog!

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Ed Kohler said...

It looks like more people search for IT Security on weekdays than weekend due to the consistent 2-day drop-offs in the chart. I suppose that makes sense.